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19. 8.—7. 9. 2020
Nomadic Hybrid Edition



Design Ethics Workshop by Tactical Tech


20. august 2020
16.00 - 20.00
Panenská 33

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"Design ethics" is a term which often feels quite nebulous and intangible - after all, how can you apply it to your everyday work?

We will explore design ethics with Safa Ghnaim, the lead on Data Detox Kit at Tactical Tech, in 4-hour workshop. The Data Detox Kit’s clear suggestions and concrete steps helped organisations like Vogue, BBC or Forbes.

You will learn how to effectively and ethically lead your digital life, make more informed choices and change your online habits in the best way possible.

We will first evaluate a number of examples of weaponized design. Then, together we will concretely apply and test out tools and methods for critical design thinking on a number of real life app examples. After the workshop, you can take these tools and methods and apply them to your everyday work.

The Tactical Technology Collective is an international non-governmental organization based in Berlin that has been working in the field of privacy and personal data since 2003. It combines activism, awareness-raising and projects that make complex topics more accessible to the general public.


Capacity: 20 places

Language: English

Format: Online lecture + live participants

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