Festival of digital arts and culture, 19. 8.—7. 9. '20, Nomadic Hybrid Edition Festival
of digital arts
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19. 8.—7. 9. 2020
Nomadic Hybrid Edition



Ferdi Alici & Eylul Duranagac


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Ferdi Alici – Founder and Director of OUCHHH (TUR)

Ferdi Alici strives to find a balance between art, science, and technology in every work he creates. Ferdi’s work has been featured in world-renowned museums, organizations, publications and he has collaborated with numerous international brands, including recent works for companies such as CERN, Google USA, MOMA NY, National Space Center UK, Nike, Wired and Vodafone.

Eylul Duranagac – Creative Director at OUCHHH (TUR)

Award winning designer and new media artist Eyul Duranagac augments the relationship between science, astrophysics and geological environments by employing design principles inspired and engineered by nature, and implementing them in new media arts. She conducts research and finds inspiration in computational design, materials science, physics and geology, and applies this knowledge to create design stretching across artistic disciplines, new media and canvases. These works include parametric design, motion design, architecture, as well as design of new technologies for immersive experiences and public art installations.

Eylul’s work is showcased in museums, international festivals and featured in many publications, such as Society For Arts And Technology, CERN Particle Physics Laboratory, MOMA NY, TEDxCERN, National Space Center UK, CNN International, Google USA, WIRED Magazine, Fubiz, Vimeo (Staf Pick), Ars Prix Electronica, or Miami Science Museum.

OUCHHH Studio – New Media Studio

OUCHHH is an award winning independent creative new media studio with cross-discipline expertise in Art - Science - Technology. Ouchhh considered to be a multidisciplinary creative hub focused on interactive new media platforms, artificial intelligence, data-driven sculptures & paintings, kinetic public arts and immersive experiences. Ouchhh is discovering the boundaries of art by research relationship between architecture, art, science, technology, new media arts and artificial intelligence.



You can see OUCHHH representatives on 27th Aug in Nová Synagóga in Žilina as a part of Sensorium Festival 2020 X Fest Anča.

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