Festival of digital arts and culture, 19. 8.—7. 9. '20, Nomadic Hybrid Edition Festival
of digital arts
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19. 8.—7. 9. 2020
Nomadic Hybrid Edition



Performance: Line Gate

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Line Gate is a Prague based project by Michal Vaľko – a lifeguard during the day, at night a sorcerer of deep drones in the spirit of the legacy of La Monte Young and Eliane Radigue. He specializes in creating fluid much needed meditative sound spaces with the help of a hurdy gurdy (an archaic instrument with a history dating back to the 10th century) and mincing vocals. His album Den for the Slovak label Mappa garnered a positive response at home and abroad, it sounds like a lone observation of small changes of the calm water surfaces.

Experience Line Gate's concert at Sensorium Festival: Beyond The Sound at Nádvorie Sv. Jána Nepomuckého, Bratislava on Saturday 29th of August from 6PM.

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